Interview with 2014 Winner Stella Zhou

stellaIn 2014 Stella Zhou won the Writer’s Festival in the category Dramatic Writing. She graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2015 and is now in Los Angeles attending a screenwriting program at the American Film Institute.

Interviewer: What made you enter the Writers’ Festival?

Stella Zhou: It was a great opportunity to share my work among more writers.

What is the most difficult part of the writing process for you?  

The rewriting process.  It’s very easy to forget the initial purpose of creating one project after getting notes from different people.  So it’s really important to remember why I was writing this project in the first place.

What is your favorite part about writing?

Outlining.  It’s not the fun part of writing but it’s the most important part.  It gives me the brief idea of whether this project is going to work or not.

What advice do you have for anybody that is interested in writing or publications?

Keep writing.  Finish your writing.  For screenwriters in particular, finish your scripts.  Half-done scripts are useless.  You may have your doubts while writing the script, but finish it anyway.  Don’t be afraid to re-outline.

What are you doing now or what are are you working on?

I’m a first year Screenwriting fellow at American Film Institute.  Two short films I wrote have been shot and screened, and I’m storying editing the third one.  I’m also working on my feature screenplay and my television spec scripts.