As we come into the spring, we want to i

As we come into the spring, we want to introduce everyone to our final cast list for this year’s Writers’ Festival! With a new concept and design, this year we have four student artists contributing to the layout of the book. Here’s some sneak peeks:

Name: Sebastien
Occupation: Firefighter
Favorite Author: George Orwell
Description: A Romani immigrant in his mid-30s from Romania, he came to the States on asylum years ago. With his experience in witnessing and experiencing discrimination from a very young age, he has a knack for empathy. Despite his extroverted and mellow personality, he still experiences culture shock. He commits his life to being a rock for his friends and family, and although bothered by feelings of powerlessness when it comes to aiding family and friends still across the earth , he finds it cathartic to write fictional coming of age stories about characters growing up in multiple cultures where they still don’t quite belong.
Fun Fact: Is full to the brim with wisdom such as “Be alert, like the chicken.” His loved ones are still unsure about what that particular phrase means.

Introducing Ira Fletcher!
Ira recently graduated college and is in the process of looking for a job, but he is having trouble, and as a result he spends a great deal of his time at home with not much to do. To fill up his spare time, he writes, which is something that he has always enjoyed doing. He has a few friends who read his work and believe that he should try to get something published. Ira has always said that that’s just what he wants to do, but secretly he doubts that his writing is any good. To change this, he tries to challenge himself by writing about difficult memories, but he nearly always gives up before even finishing the first sentence. However, he is determined to keep trying, if only to prove to himself that he can.

Meet Ying, a 19 year old English major and studio art minor whose favorite pastime is creating limericks to amuse her friends. Her dream is to become a famous poet by writing and illustrating a classic collection of poetry for young adults, but for now she must be content with writing analyses of works by Jane Austin and working part time in her cousin’s cozy book shop. When she can’t concentrate in class or at work, she writes short poems on scraps of paper and leaves them for others to find and enjoy. Her favorite poets include Seamus Heaney and Anna Akhmatova (although it’s hard to pick just two from such a long list), and she has recently become interested in ci poetry.

Meet Valerie, a Theater Major in a graduate school program. She is a writer at heart, and focuses her effort in script and screen writing. One day, Valerie dreams of being the head writer for major motion pictures. But for now, she has to hustle between workshopping classes and rehearsals, since she is the star of her college’s current production, Shakespeare’s 12th Night. Valerie is currently acting in the role of Viola (alias Cesario), but when she isn’t working for class, working the rehearsal stage, or working her part time job at the local donut joint, she’s in her small apartment with her laptop. Writing away!

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