God is an American “I still love words.

God is an American

“I still love words. When we make love in the morning,
your skin damp from a shower, the day calms.
Shadenfreude may be the best way to name the covering
of adulthood, the powdered sugar on a black shirt. I am

alone now on the top floor pulled by obsession, the ink
on my fingers.”
This is the opening few lines of Terrance Haye’s poem “God is an American” published in Guernica Magazine November 2007. Hayes is the author of four books of poetry, Muscular Music (1999), Hip Logic (2002), Wind in a Box (2006) and most recently Lighthead (2010).
Andrew Mulvania, of Weave Magazine reviews Lighthead and describes Hayes as “a poet of great verbal inventiveness, formal skill and ingenuity, and strong imagination.” Hayes themes for this collection of poetry include race and masculinity, focusing specifically on fatherhood.
Agnes Scott College is proud to welcome him as one of the visiting authors for the 43rd Annual Writer’s Festival March 27th through 28th 2014. The 43rd Annual Writer’s Festival is open for submissions of prose, poetry and one-act plays from undergraduate and graduate students in the state of GA. Submissions are open through December 4th. For more information on submission guidelines visit the Agnes Scott Writer’s Festival page on the Agnes Scott website.

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