Importance of poetry…

Check out this article from the University of Denver Magazine from Winter 2009 on Arda Collins’ belief on the importance of poetry.

Ask Arda Collins why poetry is important, and the acclaimed poet will be the first to admit it’s not a popular genre that will ever “fly off the shelves.”

“I think of it as important in the same way as if you spent a day with someone going to the movies and you have some sort of magical day, or you eat something and it’s delicious,” Collins explains. “Maybe it’s not so important, but … it makes life worth living.”

I must say, I whole-heartedly agree. It makes life worth living, that’s why we do it afterall, isn’t it?

Check out the rest of the article here:

And remember to attend Arda Collins’ reading at the Writers’ Festival on Friday, April 1 at 2 p.m. in Winter Theatre, Dana Fine Arts Building. There will be a book signing and reception to follow.


photo credit: Wayne Armstrong

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