The Rumpus Original Combo with Danzy Senna

The Rumpus website features this great interview with Danzy Senna about her work. In addition, this article includes a review of her work, Where did you sleep last night?

“We are all students of memory. Each of us has our own truth to tell…”

Danzy Senna is the author of two novels—Caucasia, which won the 1998 Book-of-the-Month Stephen Crane Award for First Fiction, and the bestselling psychological thriller Symptomatic (2003). Both deal with the complexities of race in America and the struggles faced by children of mixed race. A graduate of Stanford University and the MFA program at the University of California, Irvine, Senna is the recipient of a Whiting Writers Award and a fellowship from the New York Public Library. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, the writer Percival Everett. The Rumpus recently arranged for writer and scholar Amina Gautier to interview Danzy Senna—the result, along with Gautier’s review of Senna’s new memoir, comprises that magical literary beast: The Rumpus Original Combo.

Check out the Review and the interview, here:


Thanks to Anna Cabe (ASC ’13) for sending me this article!


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