Faculty Festival Experiences: Dr. Peggy Thompson

Each Festival, I like to solicit the English Department Professors into telling me stories about previous Festivals that they have attended, and I always learn the most interesting/thrilling/beautiful things about the personalities of visiting authors.

Dr. Peggy Thompson, Ellen Douglass Leyburn Professor of English/Chair of the Department, shared with me this morning, a story about Jamaica Kincaid’s visit to Agnes Scott.

The campus is usually in full bloom during the Writers’ Festival, and almost every visiting guest writer comments on its beauty.  But Jamaica Kincaid absolutely reveled in it.  I think she had me show her every plant on campus, and she was able to identify them all.  Finally, when she really wanted to take in the glorious Atlanta spring, she simply lay down in the middle of the quad, closed her eyes, and made what I would call “snow angels” in the grass!

I with I could have been here when Kincaid was visiting; I think she is just lovely. Thank you to Dr. Thompson for sharing such a beautiful memory, and I’m looking forward to hearing stories from all of the other professors in the Department!

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