News! And Sarah Scoles

Scott Russell Sanders arrived on campus today and dined with students and professors in Evans Dining Hall. I, myself, had the privilege of having lunch with Mr. Sanders and I can’t be more ecstatic that he is here at Agnes Scott! If you see him around campus be sure to welcome him, he’s really quite nice!

Below is an excerpt from a short story by Sarah Scoles featured in Fringe Magazine in their Fall ’09 Issue. To read the whole story check out Fringe Magazine’s Website here.

Tam and Ellie had last seen each other seven years ago, before Tam whisked herself away to Brown University’s History of Mathematics doctoral program. They had been childhood inseparables, and then they had grown up. Starting to communicate now would be like resetting: going back to the left-most side of the timeline, jumping to zero, where they would have to begin without assumptions. In mathematical terms, there were no lemmas, and Ellie found that lemma-less proofs were the most elegant. You, on your own, would discover everything needed to form a conclusion.

Before Tam took the authentic reed stylus and committed her letter to clay, she wrote many notebook-paper versions, changing the dashes to parentheses and swapping “I” for “me” in an attempt to decrease the formality of it all. She realized however, that it was impossible not to seem formal when your letter has to be heated and hardened before it can be delivered.

She wanted to explain herself in a way that both she and Ellie could understand, and she thought a theorem would be best, since she was a mathematician and Ellie was “a paranormal romance novelist, interested in the connections between worlds”; the Internet had said so. The Internet had also said that Ellie was married, but adults are occasionally friends with each other, and Tam thought a friendship would be acceptable…

I really enjoyed this story and I hope you to do! Don’t forget: Sarah Scoles will be reading Friday, March 26 at 10 the Winter Theatre in Dana Fine Arts Building. The Festival is coming up fast and I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

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