Paul Guest

From the Fishouse is a website that features emerging poets and an audio archive of many of their works. Paul Guest is featured on this page and I definitely recommend you check it out! Below is an excerpt from one of Guest’s poems, Lullaby. To hear the audio clip of the poem visit page here.

I care even less for it , it must be said, tonight,
while you sleep on the couch,
your body careless and dreaming,
calm, lulled by my invocation
of the useless, the quotidian, the dust-deep
particulars which I’ve stored
against—what? A winter so long
we forget our names, our numbers,
our address here in this town
that will not do us the sweet favor of fading?

To hear Paul Guest read live be sure to attend his reading Thursday, March 25, at 4 p.m. in the Julia Thompson Smith Chapel!

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