Student Festival Experience: Chelsea Perdue

As the Festival is rapidly approaching, today we hear from Chelsea Perdue, a current sophomore at Agnes Scott College. She looks back at last year’s Festival and shares a story about author Junot Diaz and his visit to Agnes Scott. Enjoy!

After the second longest wait in eternity for a book signing (That is, after Garrison Keillor. We all remember the old coot’s need to flirt with every girl in line.) poor Junot Diaz was still on his feet at midnight, if a little wobbly. The annoying people with microphone headsets were trying to usher him out the door of the Arts Center, and cranky Anita Desai had long retired. He took one look at Lauren and I (third from last in said second longest line in eternity), pointed a handsome finger accusingly at us and questioned, “Roomates?” Struck by his handsome finger I froze and Lauren said in her sleepy southern accent, “Yes sir!” Suddenly in a fit of fever he nearly knocked the microphoned micromanager in the face as he pumped his handsome fist into the air exclaiming, “ROOMATE POWER!!!” Needless to say we immediately wanted to kidnap him to keep in our room, because how cool is that? Well the next day Lauren and I were walking together and saw Junot standing with Dr. Dermont in the distance. We waved at Dr. Dermont assuming that since Junot had personalized billions of books the day before there was no way in the world he’d recognize us. Then his slim and distant form fist pumped into the air beside a startled Dr. Dermont and we heard the faint cry of “ROOMATE POWER!!!” from across the quad. Then we kidnapped him. Or at least we tried to. Turns out we got Anita Desai instead so we released her immediately.

Fifteen days until the Festival!

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